Audio description services

For the blind and partially sighted

Since 2008, the LIDEX Conference Department provides audio description services at:
  • Film screenings
  • Theatrical performances
  • Media events and shows
  • Tours of museums, galleries and other attractions

The LIDEX Conference Department provides audio description services to blind and partially-sighted persons through the following devices:
  • Simultaneous interpreting receivers
  • Infoports
  • Mobile phones

What is audio description?

Additional verbal comments allow visually impaired individuals to become acquainted with the works of the visual arts – be it sculpture, painting, theatre or film. Audio description is intended to convey significant visual information such as body language, facial expressions, portrayed events, scenery or costumes. Through concise, objective description of individual scenes, audio description makes it possible for the visually impaired to individually interpret visual contents, to follow the development of the plot as well as to hear and comprehend what is happening on the stage, screen or picture. As a result, members of the audience are able to grasp the fleeting, thought-provoking impression which the artist intended to convey.
(source: Audio description. "A picture painted with words", Barbara Szymańska,

Let the visually impaired to participate in your cultural events

AUDIO DESCRIPTION was invented in the United States. In 1981, at the Arena Stage theatre in Washington, DC, a blind woman named Margaret Pfanstiehl and her husband developed and implemented a “narration system for the blind” that would become known as audio description.
AUDIO DESCRIPTION IN THEATRE From 2008, LIDEX provides audio description services for theatrical performances. The first theatre to benefit from this option was the Praga Theatre – the first theatre in Warsaw to invite the blind and partially sighted to its performances with audio description.
AUDIO DESCRIPTION IN CINEMA From 2008 onwards, LIDEX has also been making its audio description equipment available for the “CINEMA BEYOND SILENCE AND DARKNESS” project, allowing many blind and partially sighted persons to see acclaimed feature films in Warsaw cinemas.

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