Autodome rotating cameras

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The BOSCH AutoDome conference cameras are now available among the solutions offered by the LIDEX Conference Department.

These innovative devices, managed by dedicated camera system software, enable real-time viewing of speakers taking the floor at the given time on a monitor, screen or other similar device connected to the system.

LIDEX offers the use of AutoDome cameras during events such as:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Supervisory board meetings
  • Discussions
  • Debates

The camera is connected to a multiphone system and monitors the statuses of multiphones. When a multiphone is turned on, the camera’s view is automatically shifted to the person who is taking the floor. The solution makes participation in stationary conferences or discussions much more attractive, especially where the participants are seated according to a layout designed for holding discussions (conference table) and cannot see each other well. With the AutoDome video cameras, participants can watch – rather than just listen to – each of the speakers, making it easier to remember the speaker’s personality and argumentation and allowing the participants to get to know each other better.

Due to its features and advanced technology, the AutoDome camera remains a superior piece of equipment when compared to other cameras in its class.

LIDEX will take your conference to new heights

VOTING Voting systems have become increasingly popular during meetings, talks, supervisory board sessions and debates. Along with the AutoDome video cameras, they are another interesting feature offered to organisers of stationary conferences and competition events.
WEBCASTS Organisers of conferences and discussion panels are also able to take advantage of web-based services offered by the LIDEX Conference Department, including webcasting and authorised access to conference recordings. These features make it possible for the users to view a debate or conference even after it has come to an end.
PHOTO AND VIDEO REPORTS AutoDome cameras, voting systems and webcasting form a part of the offer of the LIDEX Conference Department aimed at organisers of discussions, debates and conferences. In addition, LIDEX also provides photo and/or video reporting services. We are looking forward to working with you. Ask us for even more conference-related services.

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