Case studies

If you are looking for an idea

Have a look at some of the projects completed by the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio: This will give you an idea of what actually our Graphics & Film Studio deals with.


The project
The Graphics & Film Studio was requested to do graphical editing of tender documents translated by LIDEX for a multinational engineering corporation.

  • highly specialized technical text
  • vast documentation
  • tight deadline for the whole project (translation and editing)
  • logistic complexity (parallel work carried out part by part by three departments of LIDEX)
The Graphics & Film Studio successfully completed the job owing to...
  • proper planning of the whole project
  • excellent organization and coordination of work
  • teamwork of a large group of employees from different departments
The solution and conclusions
The logistic success was due to close cooperation between the Graphics & Film Studio and the other departments:
  • with the Translation Department, which was responsible for all activities involved in the translation of the texts, coordination of the translators' work and the monitoring of project progress
  • with the Service Quality Department, whose primary job was to proofread the translators' work and do the final editing of the text in accordance with the customer's instructions.
This mutual relationship allowed us to successfully accomplish this vast and complex translation and editing project. Extremely tight deadline, thousands of pages, full commitment and cooperation of our employees who obey quality procedures – all that perfectly demonstrates how the comprehensiveness of our services and expertise in project management works in practice.


The project
The Graphics & Film Studio was requested to design artwork for a CD and case for a large research institute.

The problem
  • unique subject matter
  • very tight deadline, with independent acceptance of the project by several reviewers
The Graphics & Film Studio successfully completed the job owing to...
  • combination of experience, ingeniousness and imagination
  • correct and efficient interpretation of the customer's expectations

The solution and conclusions
We started the creative process with gathering perfect specimens of vegetables and fruit, which we wanted to use as elements of our concept. However, having made a series of fine photographs, we found out that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Finally, in the accepted design we used selected shots from the customer's film with a soundtrack produced at our in-house recording studio.

The project posed a considerable challenge to us because we had to come up with an idea acceptable to all the independent reviewers, and did so under pressure of a tight schedule. We proved we were able to exactly meet their expectations, and the burned CDs with printed covers were delivered to the institute on time.


The project
We designed and produced a series of large conference posters.

The problem
  • poor quality of source materials and the need to maintain a large size of the posters
  • tight deadline for poster production
  • highly technical subject matter and a large number of important details
The Graphics & Film Studio successfully completed the job owing to...
  • accurate assessment of threats (poor quality of the inputs)
  • sense of responsibility (rendering of details)
  • professionalism and experience (knowing how to achieve a high quality of the end product)

The solution and conclusions
What proved to be a great challenge to the Graphics & Film Studio was how to perfectly render all diagrams and graphs on the posters, as the quality of the source materials prevented any direct transfer.

The subject matter of the information presented was strictly technical, and even the slightest error may have had a dramatic impact, as that the posters advertised Polish scientists' lectures at foreign conferences.

The customer's final satisfaction shows perfectly that a correct initial analysis is key to error-free completion of successive stages of a graphical project. The posters we made became an excellent showcase for the customer at foreign conferences.


The project
A FLASH multimedia presentation promoting the activities of a leading art gallery.
The problem
  • tight deadline with a scheduled presentation date and promotion campaign milestones
  • unique technical requirements
  • a graphical concept consistent with the brand and image of the gallery

The Graphics & Film Studio successfully completed the job owing to...
  • a clear vision of the execution of the whole project (time required, critical points, breakdown into stages)
  • immunity to stress (time pressure)
  • good communication with the customer
  • knowledge of different multimedia techniques

The solution and conclusions
A very tight deadline and special technical requirements determined the way the presentation was prepared. Naturally, aesthetic considerations were of no lesser importance for the art gallery.

The way this project was carried out shows clearly that the outcome of our work hinges on good communication with the customer.

The interactive multimedia presentation we prepared was eventually shown to a gathering of invited guests. We are convinced it will continue to enhance our customer's reputation for a long time at many other events.


The project
The Graphics & Film Studio's job was to design a logo for a prestigious international congress.

The problem
  • creation of an inspiring symbol in line with the message of the congress
  • a culturally cohesive project
The Graphics & Film Studio successfully completed the job owing to...
  • imagination and artistic sense
  • understanding of the meaning of symbols in different cultures
  • ability to create an artistic vision comprehensible to conference participants from different countries and continents
The solution and conclusions
The subject matter and scale of the project required us to create a symbolic logo referring to international cooperation.

As a result, we developed a logo, which became a distinctive mark and symbol of the international congress.

This involved many hours of work and scores of preliminary designs.

Each of them brought us closer to the final version.

Go ahead with us and find out why we are the LEADER!