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A great deal of myths and misunderstandings have grown around terms such as "translating programs", "machine translators", "computerized translations", etc. All those who want to see for themselves how useful those systems are should visit the most advanced websites that offer such translations:

The mind-boggling products of such machine translation can be seen at

In fact, the only useful tools that effectively support translators in their work are CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) applications.
TM (Translation Memory) software enjoys the greatest popularity owing to its practical usefulness. TM software is extremely helpful in translating texts with repeatable or similar content, but it involves an additional effort, as the translator must enter new segments of the translated text and match them to appropriate segments of the original.
When working on the next translation, the TM software compares the new text with the previously translated ones stored in its memory and enables matching segments to be reused.

LIDEX was probably the first translation agency in Poland to test the usefulness of TM software as a translation tool. As early as 1998, we established the experimental Modern Translation Department, where the Trados suite selected and purchased by us was used to test its practical applicability to Polish grammar and syntax. At the same time, this enabled us to create dedicated translation memories and terminology glossaries for our regular customers. The growing importance of translations in the development of the economy and language communication worldwide has led to the creation of many applications that assist the translator, such as Deja Vu, SDLX, Systran, TM, Wordfast. However, Trados, continuously enhanced with new modules and functions, has remained the industry leader.

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