Development projects

Continuous development

"At the heart of the development and the leader position of LIDEX in the translation and conference services market is our continuous quest for excellence, looking for new solutions and a creative approach by all employees of the company."
Stanislaw Buczynski, CEO

In practice, these aspirations translate into:

Proprietary programmes

  1. Perfect Translator Proprietary Programme - run by the Service Quality Department since 1999, the programme is designed to help our translators develop their skills. The best translators receive the LIDEX Perfect Translator Certificate established in 2000 (at gala July Meetings with our translators).
  2. Information Management Proprietary Programme - run by the IT Department since 2002.


  1. Implementation (in 2000) of our own CRM system based on a unique IT platform (external audit of the system).
  2. Participation in an international programme for the unification of IT terminology - since 1994.
  3. Cooperation with foreign centres developing new translation assistance technologies - since 2000.


  1. Workshops for students of the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Warsaw University:
    • 2001/2002 - training conducted by the Service Quality Department and the Translation Department. Subject - secrets of written translation.
    • 2002/2003 - a programme prepared and carried out by the Service Quality Department, the Conference Service Department and the Film Studio. Subject of training - written, oral and film translations. The training also featured lectures by experienced foreign translators: P. Betcke, Finland and D. Sax, United Stated.
    • 2003/2004 - workshops conducted by the Service Quality Department and the Conference Service Department. Subject - conference and simultaneous interpreting. The training featured lectures by experienced simultaneous interpreters.
    • 2004/2005 - workshops conducted by the Conference Service Department. Subject - simultaneous interpreting.
    • 2005/2006 - Internship for students and graduates of the Faculty of Polish Philology organized by the Quality Assurance Department. Scope - proofreading of translations.
    • since 2010, Workshops for Young Translators - internships for students and graduates of English Philology and Applied Linguistics managed by the Service Quality Department. Scope: editing/verification of translations, creating and completing terminology databases for clients, introduction to CAT tools.
  2. Workshops for Students of the Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Mechatronics):
    • 2002/2003 - first organized by the Technical Section of the Conference Service Department (dealing with practical aspects of knowledge acquired by engineering students).
    • 2003/2004 and 2004//2005 - the second and third editions of the workshops (prepared and conducted by the Technical Section of the Conference Service Department)


  1. The development and improvement of the Quality Management System at LIDEX - the programme involves all employees supported by a group of internal QMS auditors.
  2. Further work on the expansion of the IT platform for the company's CRM system.


  1. LIDEX ACADEMY - our proprietary personnel training programme - operating since 1990.
  2. Training provided to outsourced technical personnel.
  3. Translators' integration and training meetings - the first such meeting was held in 1992.


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