LIDEX is eco-friendly

Caring for the environment in many areas of business

We use Century Gothic as our corporate font:

As proven by the researchers at the University of Wisconsin, this font is the most eco-friendly of all; it uses 30% less ink than other popular fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman.

Our company engages in external environmentally-friendly activities:

The LIDEX Translation Centre attaches immense importance to genuine care for the environment as well as to promoting this concept among its Customers. We are committed towards numerous ecological initiatives, such as:
  • Production and free distribution of eco-friendly office items
  • Support of recycling through efforts such as the distribution of innovative beverage coasters made out of recycled waste paper
  • Free distribution of eco-friendly bags (of which 15,000 units have been produced)
  • Use of eco-friendly corporate stationery (envelopes, paper, bags, packaging)
  • Encouraging our customers to accept electronic invoices

We also undertake external eco-friendly activities:

  • We restrict the amount of printed materials; we use electronic documents in our day-to-day work
  • Our technical service unit applies equipment recycling principles in practice and ensures the proper disposal of such equipment

Join forces with LIDEX – a socially responsible company

ECO-FRIENDLY SHOPPING Eco-friendly bags have already become a standard. LIDEX started to manufacture and distribute them many years ago, as one of the sustainability pioneers in Poland. We have also been providing our Customers and partners with eco-friendly bags and backpacks made of felt.
RECYCLING IDEAS Colour magazines need not end up in the waste bin immediately after reading. They may continue serving you for a long time – transformed, for example, into charming woven beverage coasters. LIDEX has put this recycling idea into practice, with the waste paper beverage coasters being distributed to our Customers nationwide.
WASTE PAPER AT THE OFFICE Cardboard pens, note pads made of waste paper or eco-friendly pencils are some of the ideas for ecological office items. Every office uses large amounts of stationery and other office supplies. LIDEX manufactures eco versions of such basic office items and distributes them to its Customers and partners.

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