Elite translators

At LIDEX, your translations are made by the ELITE of POLISH TRANSLATORS.

Faithful to our mission and vision, we select translators and other collaborators very carefully. Apart from high skills and experience confirmed by successes, we are committed to working only with translators who pursue their profession with enthusiasm, and do each translation with the same diligence and thoroughness.

The terminological and practical support we provide to our translators is an important contribution to the improvement of translation quality. For six years, our Service Quality Department has been implementing the Perfect Translator Programme, which has led to selecting and working with the translators who meet the above criteria. They are the ones who form the elite of Polish translators.

Our translators:
  1. are super-achievers with proven track records, prepared to deliver excellent performance
  2. are subject-matter experts in their respective fields
  3. pursue professional development (hold additional degrees and certificates, and undergo international training)
  4. continue to hone their existing translating skills, staying up-to-the-minute with all changes in language
  5. perform the most prestigious translation assignments, which affect the Polish economy or foreign policy (translating government agreements, participating in the development of new terminology and vocabulary for reformed sectors, and serving governmental delegations)
  6. are dependable in any situation and environment
  7. always do their utmost
  8. are nice, friendly and witty.
That is why you will find the best translators at LIDEX

Try us and feel the difference!