An abundance of experiences

Our accomplishments

LIDEX's presence in the market since 1989 is marked by tens of thousands of translation assignments and projects and an abundance of experiences of a berse nature, rewarded with the success and satisfaction of our customers.

Those experiences are your guarantee that we have already completed translation projects with a similar or the same degree of difficulty as yours, and ....... we know how to do the job best.

Here are some examples of translation projects in different subject areas, completed by the LIDEX Translation Department:


... the key to success is in logistics
EU directives and other legislation - we have been translating these on a daily basis since 1995.

Under PHARE 5 contracts, LIDEX translated, proofread and finally edited (including the unification of new terms) of Community directives which underlie the economy of the common market. They became a basis for further work by the Government of Poland on the adjustment of the foundations of our economy to the EU standards.

The translations made since 1997 for the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission covered scores of pieces of legislation and thousands of pages translated by LIDEX for the current purposes of the Commission and the Government of Poland.


... new vocabulary and new terminology in the making
The implementation of VAT in Poland involved hundreds of training courses for Tax Office managers and employees throughout the country. It also included written translations of training materials and the creation of new vocabulary. Under a contract with the Foundation for the Development of Accounting in Poland, LIDEX provided comprehensive interpreting services for the training courses and translated all training materials and documents.

Visits and training conducted in Poland by foreign experts (from USAID, the World Bank, the European Commission), and related to the reform of the economic system, involved hundreds of meetings, seminars and consultations that required language support. For those meetings, LIDEX provided Poland's best interpreters under contracts with both Polish ministries and foreign customers, e.g. the Department of Finance of the Irish Republic, the US State Department, and the OECD.
Our translators accompanied and still accompany experts and advisers working all over Poland.


...proven expertise in each useful subject area
The adoption of the Polish Language Act necessitated the translation of thousands of user manuals, drug information leaflets, technical documentation, process procedures, product catalogues, and a host of other documents. We are proud that as part of the process we had and still have the opportunity to make extensive resources of knowledge and information comprehensible and available to all those who need them.
One example of such projects is the translation from German into Polish of numerous large catalogues of electrical fittings and their ongoing updates by means of computer assisted translation tools (CAT, Trados).


... we are also fluent in the it language

We have been continuously involved in software localization since 1994. It was then that LIDEX was commissioned to localize the LinkWorks and TeamLinks software packages for the Digital Equipment Corporation.
Localizations (translation and compilation) of software and applications both in Polish and in foreign languages are highly complex projects, which require the engagement of large teams of translators/IT specialists, and the deployment of our coordinator/translator at the customer's premises.

Other localization projects concern both the conversion into Polish of popular software modules or their upgrades and updates and the localization of Polish software into foreign languages (e.g. the Goniec application for Bank Handlowy or the CRM software by Process4E - translation into English).


... we also work in the world of digits

Translations of legal agreements, balance sheets, reports, audits, and other legal and accounting documents form a significant part of translations made by LIDEX. Our further experiences in this area arise from the language services we provide (simultaneous interpreting) at meetings of management boards or supervisory boards of companies, banks, brokerage houses, financial institutions, and other organizations with foreign equity in Poland.


... where time and the right interpretation count
Translation of tender documents for Polish and foreign companies is a highly responsible task. We learned this years ago, when we worked on the first tendering process for a mobile telephone system in Poland and translated the tender documentation and bids from leading players in the global telecom market. Since then, companies have been entrusting their secrets to us, requesting us to translate tender dossiers and bids for most of the major tendering processes in Poland.


... talent, creativity, overcoming barriers and stereotypes
The rapid growth of the advertising market in Poland has triggered demand for translation, adaptation and creation based on the original advertising message, and for the adjustment of advertising texts and slogans to the specific nature of the Polish market. The work commissioned to us by leading firms and agencies includes both translation and further text processing, frequently involving the use of technical capabilities of the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio.
Few people realize that many of the advertising catchphrases and slogans on television are of LIDEX origin.


... when translation is just a part of the whole project
Comprehensive translation, artwork and editing of books, brochures, directories and other publications have become our specialty thanks to the talents and potential of the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio. Complex translation projects of such type require the involvement of task groups, whose members can also freely draw on the invaluable resource of talents and knowledge of our subject matter expert consultants, editors and proofreaders.

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