We have 27 years of experience in translation of dialogue lists for films

27 years of experience in film translation and localisation (into Polish and foreign languages):

  • Feature films
  • Documentaries
  • Training/instructional films
  • Educational films
  • Presentations
  • Advertisements

Take advantage of our experience:

We have translated a total of 36500 hours of film
(including dialogue lists and audio tracks; as of the end of the first half of 2014)

Send us a link to your film and you will receive prompt valuation/consultation (translation, dubbing, post-production)

Our regular Customers entrust our company with the task of localisation of a wide variety of films with full confidence – from highly specialised instructional videos to dialogue lists of Polish-language films entered in international film festivals. The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio offers many years of experience in film services. We have substantial resources including professional  film consultants and translators.

Take advantage of our film expertise

QUICK QUOTATION A quotation for film translation may be prepared once we see the film; films often have to be translated solely on the basis of the audio track, i.e. without dialogue lists. Our quotations are quick and reliable. With many years of experience in film translation (since 1994), we can offer very competitive prices .
FILM TRANSLATORS A dialogue list is translated with a specific recipient in mind. Therefore the preferable option is to select an individual who will translate the film with consideration of preferences of the target viewers: e.g. medical practitioners, engineers, children or the general audience. LIDEX offers a tried and tested team of film translators and specialist consultants.
LANGUAGE LOCALISATION Language localisation involves the translation of dialogues and subtitles (including the adaptation to the needs of the intended market), voice-over recording (whether in Polish or in a foreign language – always with a native speaker) and, in some cases, editing and post-production. These tasks require close collaboration and experience. LIDEX boasts many regular customers for its film services – Why don't you become one of them.

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