Graphic editing of documents

DTP or graphical editing of the translated document...? PDF or MS Word...?

The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio will advise you as to the selection of the best solution:

  • Translation – including the recreation of the graphical layout of the original document – in PDF format: INCLUDED IN PRICE (OCR software used: Abbyy FineReader, Adobe Acrobat, Solid PDF Tools)
  • DTP – preparation of files for printing (source files required)

  • Online DTP – recreation of the graphical layout of PDF files (graphic editing software used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe FrameMaker)

or perhaps...
  • Translation retaining the original layout of the text saved an MS Word document – further editing by the Customer is possible

It all depends on how you plan to use the translated material. Graphical editing of the translated document is a good solution in cases where the Customer takes into account the possibility of editing the translated text at a later stage. The Project Managers at our Graphics & Film Studio will provide you with advice on the selection of the most suitable solution in the field of graphics considering the budget, the deadline and the intended purpose of the material. LIDEX Customers appreciate the possibility of selecting various levels of graphical processing of translated documents, as well as the fact that the scope of graphic work can be customised to their needs.

Every graphics-related project is different and must be planned individually; we encourage you to trust the experience, professionalism and involvement of the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio Team.

The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio – the layout of translated documents

GRAPHIC DESIGN INCLUDED IN PRICE The recreation of the graphical layout of original documents is performed FREE OF CHARGE and is included in the translation price (applies only to translation projects earmarked for internal use). This is an added value for our Customers  ordering written translations.
COST OPTIMISATION FOR GRAPHIC SERVICES The ability to match the standard of the graphic services offered to the final needs of the Customer is one of the strengths of the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio. We are able to offer a wide range of services – from the recreation of graphical layout (free of charge) to DTP services (with printing), provided at an extra cost.
GRAPHICS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL The  graphic components processed by our graphic designer may even surpass the  original graphics content in terms of quality. This is usually the case when the Customer is not able to furnish us with source files,  while at the same time requiring high-quality of the final product.

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