Graphical editing of translated texts

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A user manual or a product catalogue containing charts with descriptions, diagrams or graphs are examples of texts amply illustrated with graphics. Translation itself is not enough, as the translated text becomes a true counterpart of the original only with edited graphics.

In such cases, the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio is a perfect solution, offering attractive terms of payment and short turnaround times for complete processing of text and graphics.

The optimum arrangement is for the customer to instruct us to edit the graphics for the text (and provide detailed guidelines) at the time of placing the translation order. This enables us to proceed with work on the graphics simultaneously with the translation.

Each graphics job is different, each has to be planned individually. This is why you should rely on the experience, professionalism and involvement of the LIDEX Graphic & Film Studio.

You are invited to partner with us on a permanent basis. In exchange, the texts translated for you will get an extra, graphical dimension.

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