Language localisation

Beyond translation

Localisation by LIDEX involves close collaboration with Customers on following projects

  • Translation and localisation of films
  • Localisation of websites and web portals
  • Localisation of multimedia training materials
  • Software localisation

Translation and localisation of films (training films, promotional films and documentaries) as well as commercial spots (comprehensive translation services):
  • Translation of dialogue lists or translation based on audio tracks provided
  • Proofreading by a native speaker
  • Adaptation to the conditions prevalent in the target country
  • Quality control
  • Voice-over services – multilingual voice-over (using our own voice bank)
  • Subtitles – multilingual subtitling
  • Screens and animations (also available in 3D)
  • Post-production, colour correction, video editing
  • CD/DVD menu adaptation and authoring
  • DVD/CD copying and/or pressing

Localisation of websites and web portals (including testing services):
  • Working on source files or directly on the Customer’s server
  • Translation and proofreading by a native speaker (in case of foreign-language websites)
  • Content optimisation for the purposes of web positioning and country-specific adaptation
  • Use of CAT tools to guarantee the consistency of the localised content
  • Automatic updating of all localised websites

Localisation of multimedia training materials and software (including testing services):
  • e-learning platforms – translation, graphics localisation and multilingual voiceover
  • PowerPoint and Flash presentations – translation, adjustment of content to text field size, localisation of animated text and graphics
  • Adaptation of training materials in a variety of file formats, including: indd, qxd, fm, pm, ai, eps, cdr
  • Software translation using CAT tools – supported file formats: xml, sgm, sgml, hhc, hhk, csv, txt, inf, ini, reg, mulix, sdlxliff, ttx, xlf, xlif, xliff, mdb, doc, rtf
  • Translation of software source code in the form of text files (using a text editor): supported programming languages include C, C++, C#, VB, python, pearl, java, php, java script, power shell
  • Preparation of materials on various types of media: DVD, CD, miniCD, FLASH memory (as well as the copying thereof)

Supported formats include:

DVD, HD, Blue-ray, mpg, mp4, avi, mov, wmv, flv

Software used:

Adobe After Effect, Sony VegasPRO, Adobe Audition, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DMAX and many others...

Take advantage of our experience in localisation projects

icon: experience EXPERIENCE We have been providing software localisation services since 1994. Localisation is much more than simple translation. It is a process of adjusting the language of the product or service software to the expectations of the customer or end users. Each localisation project requires that our Company ensures the involvement of a team of specialists and the close collaboration between them.
icon: comprehensive services COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES Software localisation goes beyond the simple translation of the software descriptions, messages and functionalities. Localisation also involves the translation of all accompanying materials recorded  in any format whatsoever, such as audio or video files, graphic presentations etc. Localisation includes also the translation of the entire software documentation. For the above reason, optimum management of the project is critical.
icon: resources RESOURCES Localisation requires having extensive technological resources in place to comply with the Customer’s technical requirements. LIDEX continues to update  and develop these resources on an ongoing basis. LIDEX offers another advantage: with the availability of teams of experienced translators, IT experts as well as editors and voice actors the entire project can be implemented efficiently and effectively.

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