Sound and lighting

Professional sound systems

We provide sound systems for the following types of events:

  • Conferences, congresses, lectures and screenings held at conference rooms, congress facilities and hotels
  • Events and shows held at historic buildings, museums or theatres
  • Events and shows held at commercial facilities, auditoriums, cinemas or ballrooms
  • Concerts, open-air events

Professional lighting systems

  • Conference lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Scenic lighting


  • White, static, coloured and multi-source lighting
  • Effects (gobo, strobe, moving head, scanner)

Both the lighting and sound systems used during an event must be matched to the characteristics of the venue as well as the stature of the event itself. The LIDEX Conference Department offers a wide array of lighting and sound systems, and selects the equipment with the event specificity in mind. However, merely providing the adequate equipment is not enough – its installation, programming and management require the knowledge and experience of professional sound and lighting technicians. LIDEX offers you exactly such experience; for 33 years, our company has provided lighting and sound systems for conferences, cultural performances and other events.

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SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING With digital simultaneous interpreting systems, LIDEX can serve many multilingual conferences at the same time. We have simultaneous interpreting booths designed to accommodate 2 as well as 3 people. Simultaneous interpreting can be provided also with the so-called portable simultaneous interpreting systems (infoports).
AUTODOME CAMERAS These innovative devices enable real-time viewing of speakers taking the floor on a monitor, screen or other similar device connected to the system. AutoDome cameras can be used during events such as meetings, conferences, supervisory board sessions, discussions or debates. With AutoDome cameras, participants can see the speakers. This makes the event (debate, meeting, discussion) much more attractive.
VOTING The UNIVOTE voting system (with voting remotes) offered by LIDEX runs on an open software platform which can be adjusted to the needs and expectations of our Customers depending on the event type (e.g. voting, debate, competition). We also offer the UNITAB system for smartphones and tablets. It is a simple and intuitive application which allows the user to actively participate in a conference or meeting in real time.

Ask for a quote – the selection of the optimum interpreter for the given task is included in the price.

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