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ISO 9001:2008 - Strategic Audit

On September 3rd, 2009, the strategic external audit was conducted in LIDEX company, summing up the three-year period of operations of the Quality Management System. BSI company – the entity supervising and certifying our system recognised that...

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20th Anniversary of LIDEX in Kubicki Arcades

On the last Wednesday, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of incorporation of the company, the Kubicki Arcades at the Royal Castle in Warsaw was exclusively rendered available to the LIDEX team. The evening agenda included sightseeing of the Arcades, concluded with formal toast. We would like to recommend the Kubicki Arcades to everyone and guarantee that the time spent there will be full of charm and amazing impressions.

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10th anniversary of Poland’s accession to NATO / Warsaw Transatlantic Forum 2009

March 12th, 1999 is one of the most significant dates in the contemporary history of Poland. On that day, our country joined the structures of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
Along with the 10th anniversary of Poland’s accession to NATO, the Atlantic Alliance celebrated also the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Washington Treaty that brought NATO into existence. The anniversary was celebrated in many Polish towns. Such an occasion simply had to be marked with LIDEX presence. We had the honour to serve comprehensively the Warsaw part of the celebrations, providing translation, technical and multimedia services.

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