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OSCE Review Conference 2010

On September 30-October 8 in Warsaw, the first of three sessions of the OSCE Review Conferences was held. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe invited more than 1,000 guests from 56 member states, cooperating states and international organisations to the Sofitel Victoria Hotel, to discuss important topics...

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ELIOS 2010: The biggest sports event of the year

The European Special Olympics Summer Games (ELIOS) will be held in Poland from 18th till 23rd September 2010. During the Opening Ceremony, we will welcome 56 sports delegations from all over Europe. The Special Olympics Torch Run began on September 5. The Olympic torch, lighted by a sun ray in Greece, has got a long way to travel through Europe and Poland. Lighting the torch will be an important moment during the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.

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External executive audit

We are proud to announce that on 8th September 2010, LIDEX underwent an external audit procedure. Its purpose was to examine the functioning and sustainable perfecting of the QMS (Quality Management System) in our company. During the audit investigation, no irregularities were recorded. The result clearly confirmed the compliance of our Quality Management System with the ISO 9001:2008 System requirements

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Celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of Community of Democracies

On 2 - 4 July 2010, the city of Krakow hosted a very prestigious event - celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the Community of Democracies. On this occasion, a meeting took place, with the participation of more than 100 foreign ministers invited by the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Following the conclusion of another tender proceedings, as of June 2010 LIDEX will provide services in the scope of oral and written translation for the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The tender provided for a cooperation period totalling 24 months.

The possibility to provide language service during the political events that are most significant for our country is a great honour, but also a very challenging task, especially when taking into account that our cooperation will coincide with Poland's Presidency in the Council of the European Union, which is to start as at July 1, 2011.

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ISO 9001:2008 - control audit

With great pleasure we would like to inform that on March 25 this year there was an external audit conducted at LIDEX with an aim to verify the maintained Quality Management System and its development, in certain areas. No inconsistencies were discovered during the audit and examined areas were assessed positively.

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NATO AT THE ROYAL CASTLE: "NATO's new strategic concept - global, transatlantic and regional threats and the place of Europe"

LIDEX congresses & events is proud to inform that we provided a comprehensive service for an extraordinary event held on 12 March 2010 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

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Third International Congress "Chopin 1810-2010 Ideas - Interpretations - Influences"

2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fryderyk Chopin - one of the greatest music composers ever. To celebrate such an exceptional occasion, the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute organized the Third International Congress "Chopin 1810-2010 Ideas - Interpretations - Influence", which took place in Warsaw on 25.02-01.03.2010. Not only was this event so exceptional due to the enormous popularity and admiration Chopin had enjoyed worldwide, but also due to the influence that his music has had on the works of other composers as well as on other forms of artistic endeavor and human activity.

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Chopin 2010 commenced – Lang Lang in Lodz

In Lodz, January 10th, on Sunday, a brilliant Chinese pianist, one of the biggest piano stars of our times, Lang Lang, performed in Lodz Philharmonic.
Lang Lang, aged 27, was acclaimed by the New York Times the hottest pianist on the planet of classical music.
The event was preceded by a press conference held January 9th, on Saturday, at the Andel's hotel. The Lodz LIDEX Branch had the pleasure to provide interpretation both for the conference and for the post-conference talks and meetings of Mr. Lang Lang with media representatives, on the Saturday evening.
Lang Lang came to Lodz first of all to pay homage to Frederick Chopin.
The Chinese pianist, Russian conductor and Polish musicians presented Chopin’s music in the city where Arthur Rubinstein had been born.

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