...what's new in 2011?

We participate in the Polish Presidency.

At the beginning of July, Poland took over the Presidency of the European Union. The formal inauguration ceremony was held at the Polish Parliament and at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. In the evening, the Polish and the Hungarian Prime Ministers, as well as the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, and the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, delivered official speeches during a Gala organized in the Grand Theatre in Warsaw.

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OSCE Human Dimension Seminar 2011

On 18-20 May 2011, another Human Dimension Seminar took place at the Novotel Centrum Hotel in Warsaw. Delegates from 56 member countries of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, countries cooperating with the OSCE and representatives of international organizations discussed important issues of the modern world, including human rights, respecting freedom of expression and freedom of media. This year the subject of special discussion was the role of political parties in the political process.

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Carnival integration with LIDEX

On Saturday evening, January 22nd, we had the pleasure to host at our new office the best translators and interpreters in Poland during the "carnival integration with LIDEX". It was the biggest event of this type in the Polish language communication market, and we would like to thank our guests for their presence and for creating such an excellent joyful atmosphere.

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PN-EN 15038:2006 certifying audit

We are pleased to inform that on November 30, 2010, at LIDEX, a certification audit was conducted whose aim was to verify and prove the fulfilment of the requirements defined in PN-EN 15038:2006 standard (written translation services). The audit confirmed that LIDEX has implemented and successfully maintains the said standard. And thus, we were granted the PN-EN 15038:2006 Certificate, confirming the compliance of our system with the requirements of the standard. We are very proud and satisfied, because once again we managed to prove our due and diligent commitment to quality, customers and continuous improvement.

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