... що нового в 2021?

"Book of Lists 2020!"

2020 ended with great news: Lidex once again placed first in the Warsaw Business Journal ranking. We have therefore confirmed our leading position in the translation industry in Poland once more!

We wish to thank our invaluable Translators and Interpreters as well as our tireless Team – it is owing to their commitment that everything is possible with Lidex!

All the more since in the past year we all had to face numerous challenges and surprises. Lidex, however, has come away unscathed from this trial:
- We switched to remote work quickly and efficiently, so that we could continue providing our written and film translation as well as graphic editing services without any hindrances.
- Our Conference Department supported countless online and hybrid events.
- We introduced new services and solutions adapted to the unique conditions of limited social interactions.
We are pleased with the distinction, but we are not resting on our laurels. A busy 2021 is ahead of us!

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