Video streaming allows you to expand the audience of your event

Standard transmission:

  • 500 viewers
  • 1 or 2 cameras
  • Presentation displayed in full HD quality
  • Transmission archiving

Additional options

  • HD transmission to display units in other locations
  • Transmission of the event in a number of language versions
  • Transmission to mobile devices
  • Transmission to Facebook
  • HD recording of the event (4K quality also available)
  • Transmission features available on a dedicated website
  • Post-production of recorded footage: division into sections or individual speeches, addition of captions (bars), logos or intertitles
  • Video hosting of recorded footage

Video streaming is a state-of-the-art tool allowing for the given event to be made available online to those individuals who cannot attend in person. Video streaming allows you to abolish physical barriers such as time and distance. It allows you to reach a much greater audience than would have been possible using conventional tools. Making the transmission footage available online allows for the audience to become acquainted with its contents long after the given event has come to an end. Video streaming gives you enormous possibilities in terms of brand promotion and positioning.

Webcasting – your pathway towards new audiences

DEDICATED WEBCAST WEBSITE Additional transmission features available on a dedicated website include: registration of participants and providing an online user database, restricted transmission access (via login), pay‑per‑view access, question form or chat tool, publication of downloadable content on the transmission website (e.g. presentations, meeting agenda, speaker information), publication of an online poll.
POST-PRODUCTION OF RECORDED FOOTAGE In addition, LIDEX offers the post-production of recorded transmission footage. The most popular post-production services include splitting the footage into sections or individual speeches, addition of captions (bars), intertitles or logos. The LIDEX Film and Graphics Studio will be pleased to present you with the full range of its post-production services.
TRANSMISSION OF MULTIPLE LANGUAGE VERSIONS Not only the original language version of the event, but also any other language version you may find necessary can be transmitted online. The LIDEX Conference Department will provide the required simultaneous interpreters as well as the equipment necessary to broadcast the translated versions online.

Ask for a quote – the selection of the optimum interpreter for the given task is included in the price.

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