The finishing touch

The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio provides the following post‑production services:
  • Image composition
  • Frame correction
  • Colour correction
  • Addition of voice-over/subtitles/still images
  • 3D animation
  • 2D animation
  • 3D and 2D special effects
  • Blu-ray & DVD mastering
  • Sound effects (post-synchronisation, background effects etc.)

With these services, the film can be optimised for its subsequent airing, both in terms of visual effects and soundtrack. Additional editing works enhance the impact intended by the film producers. The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio offers its support and advice – also with respect to the usage of post-production services. We will be most pleased to show you the examples of application of our services.

The Graphics & Film Studio – 27 years of experience in film localisation

FILM SCORE Any promotional or commercial video or an event report will be greatly enhanced through the selection of an appropriate voice actor. However, good background music is no less important. The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio can add some sound effects to strengthen the impact of the final version of your material.
COLOUR CORRECTION This service is intended to imbue specific scene or scenes – or the entire film – with an appropriate atmosphere. Ask us about this and many other post-production services provided by the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio. We have all the post-production tools in place to prepare the final, release-ready version of your material,  within your budget earmarked for the project.

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