Security and confidentiality

Your secrets are in good hands

By placing an order with our company for the translation of text materials or by taking advantage of the services of our interpreters, our customers entrust us with their most sensitive information..

We treat all such information as proprietary and confidential. In accordance with our procedures, all LIDEX employees sign a confidentiality clause, whereby they agree to ensure the confidentiality of all information concerning our customers and the services provided to them.

The same obligations apply to our translators, editors, consultants, as well as technical and auxiliary personnel employed to perform specific assignments.

A duly signed Confidentiality Agreement is provided to our customers upon request.

Your security is our prime concern


Data security
We protect the data and files provided to us by our customers from unauthorized access through the use of state-of-the-art IT security systems which are updated on an ongoing basis.

Physical security
The LIDEX building is monitored on a 24/7 basis by the security firm Juventus, whose patrol arrives within 4 minutes of an activated alarm. LIDEX employees receive special security training as well.

Industrial security certificate
LIDEX holds the Industrial Security Certificate (No. 21/37/2002) (issued under Article 69 of the Non-public Information Protection Act of 1999).

Contingency plans
Within the framework of the Quality Management System, every unit of LIDEX has adopted an approved and continuously updated contingency plan. In addition, copies of all programs and documents, including copies of your translations, are held at a secure location outside our corporate headquarters.

Archive of completed translations
For the sake of our customers' security, we archive all written translations for a period of one year and make them available to their respective owners upon request.

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