Consecutive, conference and simultaneous interpreting

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Because we know that success of international meetings, agreements, conferences or training sessions depends on interpreters' talents, which simply cannot be replaced by an attractive service price or excellent catering.

Operating since 1989, LIDEX is present at many key and historic events, ensuring the services of the best conference or simultaneous interpreters.

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LIDEX interpreters are recognized for their:
  • experience
  • good manners
  • understanding of the subject matter
  • immunity to stress
  • appropriate professional background
  • interpersonal skills


The most common type of interpreting, covering conversations, negotiations and training sessions, presentations or press conferences, where it is not necessary to rent rather expensive simultaneous interpreting systems. For larger audiences, public address systems must be used.
During the assignment, the speaker pauses every few sentences to allow the interpreter to orally translate what has just been said into the target language

It has all the characteristics of consecutive interpreting, the main difference being in the importance of the discussions handled by the interpreter. These are usually visits by government or ministry officials, international meetings, prestigious talks of great importance to the participants. In such situations, the interpreter's immunity to stress, extensive professional experience in working at such meetings and the understanding of diplomatic protocol are what matters a lot.

The most common form of language services for international conferences, multilingual meetings, debates, congresses, conventions, seminars, tele- and videoconferences, and prestigious events attended by foreign guests.
Simultaneous interpreting is performed by a team of at least two interpreters (for each foreign language) with the use of simultaneous interpreting equipment.
Using such equipment, the interpreter translates what the speaker says into the target language almost simultaneously. This convenient arrangement enables conference participants equipped with receivers to listen to the speakers in one of the languages available.

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