The Graphics & Film Studio – 27 years of experience in film localisation

The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio provides the following services:

  • Subtitling (addition of new subtitles)
  • Dialogues
  • Intertitles
  • Animations
as well as
  • Translation (localisation) and replacement of original subtitles

Professional subtitles must comply with specific video editing requirements. In case of the translation, these subtitles are edited by the translator, who knows best which criteria professionally localised subtitles need to comply with. Today, any video editing enthusiast can perform this task individually at home. However, the results of such work are usually by no means professional; linguistic mistakes, inappropriate subtitle placement and incorrect synchronisation are hard to avoid. For the above reason, if your film is earmarked for mass distribution, you should consider taking advantage of the services of professionals in order to obtain a well-executed product. The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio will provide you with professionally edited and translated film subtitles.

LIDEX – comprehensive film services

COMPREHENSIVE FILM SERVICES LIDEX has 27 years of experience in the field of comprehensive film localisation: translation of dialogue lists and subtitles, soundtrack replacement, addition of subtitles, animations, intertitles, voice-over services (including messages for IVR systems) as well as video editing.
OUR FILM PORTFOLIO LIDEX engages in the provision of a wide variety of film services. On request, we will be happy to provide examples of selected projects – along with the references received. These examples will reflect our capabilities and experience to encourage you to become our satisfied Customer.

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