Technical Support for Conferences

When you expect more

If you organize corporate meetings, training sessions or international conferences, then you are certainly well aware that care of every detail is important both at the preparation stage and when the event is in progress.
After all, what matters most are your reputation and favourable opinions of the participants of the event, which will remain in their memory and will spread by the word of mouth.

Therefore it is worth engaging experienced and professional firms for such events, which offer equipment rental and technical service, have their own technical facilities and, above all, a team of professional technicians.

LIDEX has all this and more. By hiring us to provide technical (and language) services for the events you organize:
  • you will obtain guaranteed rental of proven and modern equipment (under our ISO certification procedure we carry out regular inspections of our equipment and technical facilities)
  • you will enjoy the comfort of partnering with a Customer-Friendly Company, which will take care of any problems and dilemmas you may have and ensure full assistance and commitment of the entire technical team at the preparation stage and during the conference itself
  • you will gain a trustworthy partner who will select an optimal configuration of necessary equipment based on our extensive knowledge and practical experience; when you work with us, you do not have to be an expert - we will recommend to you specific technical solutions
  • you will enhance the visual impact of your message - we will suggest and provide appropriate audiovisual equipment,
  • you will have the opportunity to hear the best simultaneous or conference interpreters at work, carefully selected by LIDEX
  • you will choose an optimum conference venue in Warsaw or anywhere in Poland (CONFERENCE VENUES),
  • you will be offered attractive terms of rental for rooms at our PARTNER VENUES.
Experience the quality of our work, the strength of our commitment and our understanding of diverse situations and technical solutions.

Choose LIDEX and the difference it makes!