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LIDEX – The Katowice Branch Office

Over 5500000 translated

Over 10000 international conferences

Over 3650 audio tracks
for films

Over 5000 satisfied customers

Over 1600 written references

LIDEX is a company which combines tradition and modernity. For 33 years, we have been implementing new services and solutions in order to provide our Customers with translation, interpreting, conference, graphics and film services of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art IT tools. However, our most important asset is the people we work with: passionate individuals who know what it takes to provide superior customer service.

The LIDEX Translations and Conference Centre has been present in Katowice since  2006. The Katowice Branch Office of the LIDEX Translation Centre operates on the local market. It specialises in the provision of services to Customers originating from the Silesian (Śląskie) and Lesser Poland (Małopolskie) Provinces. The strengths of the Katowice Branch include the availability of translators and interpreters from all around Poland as well as the ability to provide comprehensive graphics, film and conference services.

The LIDEX Translation Centre in Katowice specialises in sector-specific translation projects for various industries, high-quality interpreting services as well as the technical and language support of local conferences and events – including those of nationwide importance.  The most significant of those events are described on our blog.

We also offer translation into local languages, including Silesian. Example – our mission, vision and objectives translated into Silesian.

ul. Francuska 35
40-032 Katowice
Business hours:
8:30 – 16:30

Phone numbers:
+48 32 785-03-88
mobile phone: 502 456 094

+48 32 228-30-72

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Our mission (in Silesian) Naszŏ misyjŏ
Chcymy, coby kożdymu żŏło sie lepi, coby kożdy kożdego rozumioł i coby my sie wszyscy umieli dogodać.
Our vision (in Silesian) Naszŏ wizyjŏ
Chcymy Wom zawsze nojlepi pomŏc w dogodaniu sie mjyndzy sobŏm i w robocie, coby Wom sie fajnie żŏło, coby Wom leko szło
Our objectives (in Silesian) Nasze cyle
W LIDEXie nŏjbarzi by my chcieli umieć pomŏc kŏżdymu wyeklerŏwać nojlepij jak ino idzie wszystko co mu sie przido w godce z kamratami ŏd nŏs i z auslendrami.

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