Translation Centre – Łódź

LIDEX – The Łódź Branch Office

Over 5500000 translated

Over 10000 international conferences

Over 3650 audio tracks
for films

Over 5000 satisfied customers

Over 1600 written references

The LIDEX Translations and Conference Service Centre is a company which combines tradition and modernity. For 33 years, we have been implementing new services and solutions in order to provide our Customers with translation, interpreting, conference, graphics and film services of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art IT tools. However, our most important asset is the people we work with: passionate individuals who know what it takes to provide superior customer service.

The LIDEX Translations and Conference Centre has been present in Łódź since 2006. The Łódź Branch Office of the LIDEX Translation Centre operates on the local market. It specialises in the provision of services to Customers originating from central Poland. The strengths of the Łódź Branch include the availability of translators and interpreters from all around Poland as well as the ability to provide comprehensive graphics, film and conference services.

The LIDEX Translation Centre in Łódź specialises in sector-specific translation projects for various industries, high-quality interpreting services as well as the technical and language support of local conferences and  events – including those of nationwide importance. The most significant of those events are described on our blog.

Łódź is a city where four cultures – Polish, Jewish, German and Russian – come together. This is why we have chosen to translate our mission into German, our vision into Russian and our objectives – into Yiddish.

ul. Gdańska 91/93
90-613 Łódź

Business hours:
8:00 – 16:00

Phone numbers:
+48 42 637-01-32
+48 42 637-01-82

+48 42 637-29-01

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Our mission (in German) Unser Auftrag
Lebensqualität steigern, indem wir sprachliche und technische Barrieren in den zwischenmenschlichen Kontakten beseitigen.
Our vision (in Russian) Наше стремление
Мы всегда хотим быть лидером на рынке языковых и технических услуг для того, чтобы облегчать взаимные контакты между людьми и доступ к знаниям и информации.
Our objectives (in Yiddish)

יעדה העקרי של חברת לידקס הוא סיוע מקיף ללקוח ע"י מתן שירותי שפה ושירותים טכניים ברמה הגבוהה ביותר.

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