Visual identification

Looking for ideas?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be certain that your BTL and ATL materials are both original and visually consistent you should consider taking advantage of our services.

We will design and provide you with:

  • Printed materials (including folders, leaflets, brochures, packaging, posters, advertising stands and boards, roll-ups, banners)
  • Corporate materials (including folders, binders, bags, badges, business cards, headed paper, calendars)
  • Online, press and conference advertisements
  • Conference materials, badges, conference-related gadgets
  • CD and DVD packaging and printing
as well as
other non-standard materials

The LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio designs standard brochures and leaflets in traditional paper form (including the individual selection of paper and innovative printing enhancements), electronic versions of brochures and portfolios, online and printed advertisements, company folders, bags, notepads and various gadgets – from coffee mugs, mug coasters, reflective bands, eco-friendly materials and corporate calendars to company t-shirts and sweatshirts as well as corporate vehicle, conference equipment and conference material signage. The Graphics & Film Studio also ensures that the aforementioned projects are implemented by LIDEX in accordance with the specified deadlines. Based on this extensive experience, we advise our Customers on the preparation of specific materials which are best suited to their needs.

On request, we will be happy to provide examples of selected projects for our Customers – along with the references received.

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LIDEX VISUAL IDENTIFICATION – OUR CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS LIDEX corporate colours have been clearly defined – you will also find them in our head office in Warsaw, with both the exterior and interior design of the building incorporating our company colour scheme. Visit our office and see if you like our corporate colours. We would be happy to work on a visual identification project for your company or organisation.
LIDEX VISUAL IDENTIFICATION – OUR BRANCH OFFICES You will find the same unified colour scheme in our branch offices in Gdynia, Łódź and Katowice. We believe that the concept of visual identification applied by LIDEX is appreciated by our Customers and encourages them to work with the LIDEX Graphics & Film Studio.
LIDEX VISUAL IDENTIFICATION – OUR COMPANY CAR FLEET The LIDEX Conference Department has its own car fleet. We can take our conference and event equipment to any location in Poland or in Europe. It is our intention that our company cars carry company signage which is consistent with our corporate image focused on dynamism, dedication and confidence. If you like the results, then we will be happy to prepare a visual identification design for your company car fleet.

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