Visualizations, documentaries

Expert camera operators and editors

The visualization service is popular with our customers who organize conferences: conference participants can watch plasma screens or monitors showing close-ups of speakers, reactions of other participants (audience shots), or a discussion going on in another panel room.

Visualization is performed by expert camera operators and video producers, whose talent and experience makes the shots and close-ups truly attractive and diverse. By using additional, changing, live images, the conference becomes more interesting and the verbal message gets through to the participants more effectively. During the visualization process footage is recorded, which is then edited as requested and instructed by the customer. A documentary is created, which conveys the message of the conference, records the speakers and their presentations, spontaneous reactions of the participants, room decoration, reports on banquets or associated events.

Take advantage of visualization as an excellent way to document your conferences, training sessions or events.

We will deliver a documentary, edited in accordance with your instructions and expectations on any medium (CD, DVD, VHS), in any number of copies, and we will take care of designing, producing and printing discs and cases. For detailed information on visualization services please contact the personnel of the LIDEX Conference Office. The Graphics & Film Studio will gladly talk to you about documentaries (contact).

Example documentaries produced by LIDEX:
  • National Chamber of Statutory Auditors (10th Anniversary, Conventions)
  • Polish Chamber of Commerce (Polish Brand Institute)
  • Office of the Civil Service (Oath-taking by public servants)
  • The Warsaw Voice (Chair of the Year)
  • ATD Fourth World (International Convention)

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