Voting systems

The UNIVOTE System

The UNIVOTE System is used for the following purposes:
  • Voting based on simple selection (YES/ABST./NO)
  • Voting for the given option (1/A; 2/B; ...9/J)
  • Open voting
  • User identification
  • Attendance verification
  • Division into groups/teams
  • Winner selection

The UNIVOTE System used by LIDEX also makes it possible to:

  • Perform initial registration or online registration of persons entitled to vote
  • Identify valid responses
  • Present results with various options
  • Manage voting sessions in real time
  • Vote in accordance with the specified vote weight or the powers of attorney granted
  • Display the distribution of votes between the individual shares held during a single voting session
  • Print protocols containing voting results as well as percentage distribution of votes
  • Add individual graphic components
  • Archive result and statistics

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