Voting systems

When every vote counts

The LIDEX Conference Department provides services related to voting sessions using the following types of equipment:
  • voting remotes
  • tablets with dedicated applications (rental of tablets for voting purposes is also possible)

Response CardLT voting system (voting remotes)

is the most advanced system of that type in our offer; it enables to quickly collect answers, conduct surveys, or check the attendance at an event. With the use of handy remotes, one can verify knowledge of the participants, sum up a meeting, or conduct a voting in a simple way. It is a perfect solution for small, medium-sized, and large groups (the system supports up to 1000 people and 25 rooms in parallel).

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The UNIVOTE voting and response analysis system (voting remotes)

is a tool which has become increasingly popular during meetings, talks, supervisory board sessions and debates.
The UNIVOTE voting system offered by LIDEX has one additional, immensely important feature. It runs on an open software platform which is adjusted to the needs and expectations of our Customers on an ongoing basis.

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The UNITAB system (tablets, smartphones)

is a remarkably simple and intuitive application for Linux-Android operating systems, allowing the user to actively participate in a conference or meeting in real time. The UNITAB application makes it possible to ask questions to the speaker, browse the meeting agenda and materials. A conference participant may participate in an anonymous survey whose results can be viewed on a device screen. The application is managed by the facilitator.

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LIDEX – comprehensive conference and event services

COMPREHENSIVE CONFERENCE SERVICES The LIDEX Conference Department provides its Customers with comprehensive conference and event services. Most of these services are provided with in-house resources, although we also collaborate with our tried and tested partners. Managing the event through a single point of contact is more convenient for a Customer.
EVENT RECEPTION We also provide event reception services; from reception desks and signage as well as user registration to the assistance of multilingual hostesses. Our personnel is adequately trained and prepared to serve guests from all around the world.
REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS LIDEX operates its own attendee registration system – the ERU. The tool makes it possible to register event participants using barcodes; LIDEX provides the software and the complete registration equipment (including the barcode printer and scanners) along with trained operators.

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