Our services

Providing translation services to the very best for 30 years

Over 5500000 translated

Over 10000 international conferences

Over 3650 audio tracks
for films

Over 5000 satisfied customers

Over 1600 written references

Interpreting services

Conferences and events

  • Simultaneous interpreting, conference and display (audiovisual) systems
  • Sound, lighting and voting systems
  • Teleconferences and videoconferences
  • Services aimed at the participants of conferences and events
  • Transportation, support services, conceptual work, visualisations, location bank

Graphics and film

  • DTP – processing and preparation of print-ready material (and printing of the translated documents)
  • Visual identification (BTL, ATL)
  • Translation and localisation of films (all useful languages)
  • Video editing, subtitling, voice-over recording (with native speakers for foreign languages)
  • Voice bank

LIDEX is a company which combines tradition and modernity. For 30 years, we have been implementing new services and solutions in order to provide our Customers with translation, interpreting, conference, graphics and film services of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art IT tools. However, our most important asset is the people we work with: passionate individuals who know what it takes to provide superior customer service.

LIDEX – there can be only one LEADER in the translation market

INNOVATION We put our trust in the right people, who are ready to search for new solutions and improve them. We make these solutions available to our Customers: the LIDEX Customer Portal (a customer service platform), the ITis database system, CAT tools (MemoQ Server) and translation quality assurance tools, graphics and film editing software as well as conference solutions designed to optimise the sound and picture.
CSR Our company regularly engages in activities for the benefit of the local community and makes contributions towards charity. We are a sponsor of many foundations as well as the partner of the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the Zachęta National Gallery of Art. We support a variety of cultural events. We also collaborate with our Customers on various CSR projects.
AN ECO-FRIENDLY COMPANY We have manufactured and distributed thousands of office items and other articles made of natural materials (wood, paper, canvass or glass). We regularly implement eco-friendly projects, such as the “Be Visible” campaign aimed at the children who begin their education at schools located in the vicinity of our offices.

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