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Information security

Only LIDEX can ensure that your documents and communications remain absolutely secure; our company holds the ISO  27001 information security certificate and applies all the necessary IT security measures.

No one else but LIDEX

  • 33 years of experience in the translation sector
  • Specialist translation services (all subject areas, languages and project sizes; CAT tools)
  • Selection of translators is optimised to match the subject and assignment specificity
We offer also:
  • Express translation of large documents (all file formats)
  • DTP – print-ready translations
  • Sworn translations
  • Personalised offer for corporate customers (customised conditions and customer care; LIDEX Customer Portal online platform)
  • Attractive terms and conditions for regular Customers
  • Long opening hours of the Customer Service Department and quotes provided at short notice

What are the benefits of becoming a regular Customer of the LIDEX Translation Centre? Only LIDEX can provide its Customers with a combination of 33 years of experience in the field of translations and the use of  state-of-the-art CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, graphic design software, the ITis proprietary database system as well as the LIDEX Customer Portal online platform. The translation services provided by our Company are not only of superior quality (we hold the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certificates), but also offer the highest level of security available in the market today (our Company holds the ISO 27001 information security certificate). Our Customers benefit from a dedicated customer relationship manager, professional support of the Customer Service Department as well as attractive terms and conditions.

Uniquely comprehensive range of services in the Polish translation market!

icon: reliability RELIABILITY We can handle the most complex and unusual assignments; whether you need a large-sized, multilingual translation performed on your own platform or a translation which involves a work of literature or requires an adaptation to the cultural needs of its end user – we will  complete the assignment, no matter how short the deadline.
icon: information security SECURITY In order to allow our Customers to feel secure at all times, we have created a unique, comprehensive system which involves both IT and procedural measures and guarantees the authentic security of communication and  information provided to us, at every single stage of the translation process.
icon: savings MORE BENEFITS FOR  OUR CUSTOMERS  LIDEX Customer Portal, long and flexible working hours of the Customer Service Department, a dedicated customer relationship manager and customer service processes streamlined thanks to ITis – our proprietary database system. As a result, working with  LIDEX and the performance of translation services is efficient, secure, and meets the Customer’s expectations.

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  • When submitting larger files, please contact our Sales Department. You will then be provided with an address and access code for an individual SFTP account.

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